Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

Our mission is to help children succeed in school as well as in life. We discover what a child is good at and then build on their own interests. Children and teens trust us because we believe in them.

Our close relationships with school systems and the business community in Chicago and its suburbs, allow us to advocate for our students with guidance counselors and teachers as well as to connect a child with a potential mentor or employer. And we never turn away a child because of money. Whatever it takes, we go the distance for our kids.

Kids´ Best Friend Awards Event Honors Local Leaders and an International Business That Exemplify Service to Children Locally and Abroad

While the spotlight at last month´s Kids´ Best Friend Award benefit shone brightly on the three award winners – Making a Difference award winner Kathryn Birkett, Business Partner Molex Incorporated represented by President of Global Sales and Marketing Graham Brock, and Kids´ Best Friend Dawn Newman – the evening also highlighted several scholarships that The Education Center currently offers, or will soon offer, to needy students.

The Education Center´s annual benefit dinner was held on October 18th

(Naperville, IL) – Two local leaders and one international business whose efforts have improved the education of children locally, nationally, and abroad were honored at this year´s Kids´ Best Friend Awards Benefit.

Awards were presented at The Education Center´s annual Kids´ Best Friend Benefit and Awards Dinner on Friday, October 18, in the Lisle/Naperville Hilton Grand Ballroom.

This year´s awards and winners are:

  • Kids´ Best Friend Award – Dawn Newman, Principal at Newman Architecture
  • Business Partner Award – Molex Incorporated
  • Making a Difference Award – Dr. Kathryn Birkett, Superintendent of Schools, Indian Prairie School District 204

The Education Center, located in Naperville, is a nationally recognized children´s organization that for more than 30 years has been helping kids succeed in school and in life. With a 97 percent success rate of graduating students who are diagnosed as learning disabled and underachievers, The Education Center offers area families a place of hope and help. The annual Kids´ Best Friend benefit directly supports the many programs of The Education Center.

"This year we are honoring two exceptional individuals who have devoted many years supporting the education of children," said Dr. Michael Litow, founder and executive director of The Education Center. "We are also recognizing the outstanding efforts of a local, international business and its employees who supported our work by providing employment opportunities for one of our students. The leadership of our award winners inspires others to improve the education of all children."

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