Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

We help kids open the doors they want opened with professionally administerd programs that offer respect and realism.

Once kids experience success, you see a great deal of negative behavior disappear. For many of them, school has been a punitive experience. They're left asking, "Why can't I get this? What's wrong with me?" and that leads to other problems.

Our coaching and mentoring programs help kids see what's been giving them a hard time in the first place; their problems belong to them, but so do their solutions. We do this by providing diagnostic testing to determine specific learning problems. We also provide preventative alcohol and drug abuse counseling, academic tutoring and individual and group counseling for kids and their families.

We also provide the opportunity for young people to be mentored by a positive role model in the community to gain real world experience. We've had CEOs showing kids what it takes to make it in business, companies giving kids job training and a chance to advance, and meetings with sports or entertainment personalities to hear how they got to where they're at. Other times, mentoring kids has meant someone committing to spending time with a kid, getting to know what they're all about and exposing the kid to new things. We tailor-make programs that suit where kids are coming from and where they want to go.