Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

We help kids open the doors they want opened with professionally administerd programs that offer respect and realism.

I tell parents that we don't lecture, we don't preach, we don't sermonize - but we do listen. We look at the whole picture and tell it like it is to them and to their children. I don't sit across from kids and do the old clinical thing where I say 'what's your problem?' Why would a young person listen to me if I say the same things as mom and dad? We establish a relationship and trust.

Our uniqueness comes in building trust and respect with kids. Once they get here, they get to try things they may not normally try, like doing homework and jobs. A lot of these young people are not risk-takers. We get them to feel self-confident in school and in holding down jobs. If you're feeling good about your yourself, you will get better at life.