Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

All of The Education Center's programs are open to any child ages 6 through 20. No individual or family is ever turned away based on financial need.

  • One-on-One Counseling—Students are welcomed into a comfortable, stress-free environment where they are able to speak openly and gain exposure to new mechanisms of dealing with crises and hard times in a positive manner.
  • Motivational Group Counseling Program for Students—Students are encouraged to participate in group counseling and learning activities helping to build peer trust, understanding and social skills.
  • Diagnostic Testing and Referrals to Determine Specific Learning Problems— School difficulties can be the result of diagnosable learning or social disorders. The Education Center can diagnose, or refer for diagnosis, learning problems and then work with students to overcome the difficulties related to them.
  • Preventative Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling—The Education Center works with students on drug and alcohol issues helping them to face up to peer pressure and stressful times in their lives without falling into destructive patterns of substance abuse. The Center also helps students that have already begun experimenting with drugs and alcohol to turn things around.
  • Structured Time of Homework Tutoring—The Education Center provides academic tutoring in a variety of subjects and works with students on prioritizing their schedules and committing to a structured study time.
  • Mentoring Program—Students' interests and skills are used to connect them with community leaders who serve as a role models and inspirational mentors in vocational and recreational fields. This provides students with a unique opportunity for specialized training and experience.
  • Employment Training, Interviewing and Placement Program—Students receive employment counseling focusing on how to fill out an application, how to write a resume, how to contact an employer, how to network, how to prepare for an interview and how to find a job. The Education Center can also provide job placement for qualified students.
  • Social Activities Program—The Education Center works with students to identify interests and reintegrate them into social and community activities. This can include gaining involvement in sporting or after-school groups, the arts or other areas that promote socialization and learning for students.
  • Follow-up and Evaluation—Specialized services of The Education Center are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Once a student completes the program they are followed up on throughout school to make sure they continue and build on progress made. An additional year of follow up is also available.