Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

“I commend The Education Center for the important work you are doing with young people and their families. The Attorney General shares your views that we can make a difference in young people's lives by working together. We appreciate. your efforts to help America's children.”

Harri J. Kramer, Director Office of Congressional and Public Affairs
U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs, Washington, D.C

“If Michael Jordan was born to play basketball, than Michael Litow was born to work with young people. His work with kids is legendary, and his success rate is remarkable. The list of participants enroled at The Education Center truly crosses all ethnic, social, and economic lines. The Education Center is making a difference in both the suburbs and Chicago with our at-risk youth, giving them a second chance in school and in life. Just as Jordan made his teammates better, so to Dr. Litow has broadened his already talented staff with his own brand of leadership and vision.”

William Strong, Vice-President
Jasculca / Terman & Associates, Chicago, IL

“Mike Litow is more than a teacher. He started The Education Center to address the problems of youth who are underachievers, or who have special emotional problems. The Center's success rate is phenomenal.”

George Munoz, Former Chairman of the Chicago Board of Education
Current Director, Overseas Private Investment Corp., Washington, D.C.