Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

“The Education Center counselor was the only adult male in his [John's] life. He helped my son to open up because he listened. I've seen a major change in him for the better this year... thanks to you.”

M. Donnelly, Aurora

“My family and I want to express our appreciation for the part The Education Center played in the tremendous attitude change and subsequent accomplishments made by our son... Six months ago we couldn't get him to go to class!!... Recently he was named math student of the month.”

Mrs. D. Malloy, Naperville

“When Terrence, my grandson, came to The Education Center, he had no friends in school, church or any other place... now I can say he has friends... You have given Terrence confidence in himself to play in the band and go places by himself... You have given him confidence that he can tackle any job.”

O. Rayford, Chicago

“There were times that our daughter Meredith did not want to listen to us nor talk to us. According to her, 'We knew nothing.' You reaffirmed our value as parents to her... She knew she could count on you...She said, 'The Education Center was always very influential in my life. They helped me to realize that my life was up to me...' [Now she says] 'I have to do this myself. It is my life, and I have to make the decision.' That is progress.”

C. Rice, Naperville