Helping Kids Succeed in School and in Life

“I was having big problems in school. I wasn't on the right track to go anywhere. When I went to The Education Center, I felt that the staff genuinely cared. If I do something wrong, they don't make me feel bad. You just want them to trust you and you wouldn't even think of lying to them. I'm applying to college now and I know I'm going to do well.”

-J. Gulesarian, Wheaton

“I was heading downward, and you helped me get rid of most of my rage... I went to other counselors, but never did I get the same help... I feel that The Education Center had a big effect in my life.”

B. Sparbanie, Naperville

“School was always difficult for me. From kindergarten on I had feelings of inadequacy, lacked self-confidence and above all I was frustrated. Dr. Litow and The Education Center listened to me about my troubles in school. I was not lectured or looked down upon. Listening was the key.”

K. Gauer, Westmont